For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the arts and all creative endeavors. Whether literature, music, art, or theater, I had an appreciation and hunger for all. Writing was my foremost means of releasing my creative energy, and it’s no surprise that I write poetry, as well as content for three different blogs!

Aside from writing, I found myself increasingly interested in Interior Design, and so pursued an education in the field. I had worked at some of the finest flooring showrooms in San Diego, as a project coordinator, administrative assistant, and salesperson, interacting with clients and interior designers, and assisting in the flooring selection process. My husband had his own hardwood flooring business, and I eventually became his Vice President, Administrative Assistant, and Bookkeeper. Because of my creative abilities and education, I also assisted in the flooring selection process with his customers. I even helped install a few floors myself!

I earned my A.S. in Interior Design from San Diego Mesa College, and decided it was time to put my creative abilities and professional experience to use for my own clients.

I love beauty. Whether in the written word or the designed space. And I believe interiors can touch us the same way poetry can. Both are designed to make us feel, to touch us, to enrich our lives, and enhance our experiences. Using rhythm and harmony, imagination and vision, creativity and skill, I have made it my goal to create beauty-in words or in spaces.


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