Excuse me while I powder my nose

I’m experiencing a plumbing crisis of epic proportions! Ok, perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit. My house isn’t completely flooded. There was a leak in a pipe in the wall of our powder room and it created quite a mess . I’m sure some of you homeowners out there understand the stress I am feeling right now. But, I shall not drown in my sorrows, nor drag you all down into a watery grave with me. Instead, I’m going to relieve my stress using some visualization techniques.

I will visualize the remodel of my powder room. I will visualize it becoming a beautiful space. I will visualize myself powdering my nose while admiring the finishes and fixtures. Ahhh yes, the ideas are flowing in and the worries flowing out….

I would like my powder room to be larger. They aren’t meant to be large, I know. But I don’t think it’s too much to ask that it be more than a glorified closet. I would like any guest of mine to be able to enter and use the powder room comfortably.

This powder room, for example, is not only beautiful, but the designer did everything right to make it feel roomy. The light, neutral colors, and the open vanity add to the feeling of spaciousness. The crown molding and the lovely chandelier draw the eye up. Finishes which catch and reflect light, add dimension to the space. Yes, I could definitely imagine my powder room looking like this.


As you can see, the right vanity can make a big difference in a powder room. Open and floating vanities are perfect for helping a small space seem larger. While you may lose some storage space, you will gain aesthetic appeal. And you don’t generally need a lot of storage space in a powder room. Here are some examples of vanities I would be happy to call my own.

Lighting makes a big difference in small rooms as well. While I would love to have a nice chandelier in our powder room, the ceiling isn’t exactly soaring, and it wouldn’t do to have my guests bumping their heads on my light fixture. I would like to replace the cheap, ugly flush mount fixture we currently have. Any one of these these fixtures here would light up my life.

Selecting the right paint color is another important factor when dealing with small rooms. Most people say it is wise to select a light, neutral color. And I would tend to agree. I am a partial to white, pale blues and grays, and tans.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee found on http://www.chicagomag.com

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper found on http://www.housebeautiful.com

Benjamin Moore Gray Tint found on http://www.housebeautiful.com

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan via http://www.pinterest.com

That being said however, I do believe rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Sometimes going dark in a small room creates drama and glamour. I wouldn’t object to this idea.

What about the flooring? Well, my hardwood floors were ruined by the leak and subsequently removed. So, while I generally believe hardwood flooring is safe for powder rooms, my specific situation (I’ll save you the details), calls for tiles. I have a few ideas…

Alameda Dorato Porcelain http://www.annsacks.com

Sandstone Dark Beige http://www.arizonatile.com

Yes, this whole visualizing thing helped lessen the blow. And it has inspired me. While we can’t do a full on remodel of our powder room, we will have to take care of some repairs and replacements. And I’m going to do a little redecorating!

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