Living Large

Happy New Year my fellow contemplators of beauty! My apologies for not writing sooner. Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

Last time, I wrote about a very nice entryway. This time, I would like to share a living room that I would happily live in.



I love nature in all its varied, colorful beauty. It is the ultimate form of art, the ultimate expression of beauty. And I appreciate designers and architects efforts to create homes and interiors which allow residents to experience such beauty, whether through expansive windows and doors or through materials which reference nature.

This space almost feels as though it is not a space at all, as though no boundaries exist between interior and exterior. The eye is drawn to the absolutely stunning view of trees, ocean, and sky. That is ultimately the focal point, the living art. Just outside the living room are a patio and triangular extension of the pool, which not only mimics the blue of the ocean, but seems to point at it, drawing the viewer out and beyond.  The wall of windows and sliding glass doors allow this amazing view. The beautiful Eucalyptus veneer plywood ceiling is carried through to the exterior, and its light color and linearity also draw the eye up and out.

The plywood ceiling and mahogany wood framing add a warm, natural feel and contrast nicely with the grey concrete walls. The concrete walls, just like the ceiling, are carried through to the exterior, again connecting the indoors with the outdoors, and drawing attention to the magnificent view.  Because the grey acts as a neutral, the walls seem to recede, adding to the voluminous feeling of the room.

Of course, I can’t ignore the furnishings. And these furnishings are perfect for this space. The modern glass coffee table reflects the sunlight and clouds. Although the two chairs seem large, they appear to be covered in a mesh material, and have slender legs. The table between the chairs has a square wooden top, but slim legs. These pieces, while not being solid or chunky, are not dainty or small. They have presence and hold their own in this spacious room, but they don’t block the light or view.

The sofa, chair, and ottoman are larger in scale, well suited for this sizable room. Their neutral tan color and subtle texture give them a sense of refined yet casual comfort.

One can’t ignore that intricately carved wooden chair. It is absolutely a piece of art! Its shape is reminiscent of gnarled, ancient tree branches. I would venture to guess it is an antique, something the owner has collected, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit well in this modern space. It adds contrast, it creates visual rhythm with the two side tables and the window and door trim, and its solid structure is in harmony with the architecture of the space.

Not only is the rug the right size for the space, but the floral pattern is the right scale as well. Again, we get the reference to nature. The tan, grey, and black coordinate with the other finishes in the room, while the occasional pop of red adds visual interest and coordinates with the wood furnishings and trim.

I am a fan of that lamp. It is tall, yet the legs are slim and the shade is wide, yet neutral. Again, it doesn’t block the view, yet it doesn’t get lost in the volume of the space.

I think all the elements of this room come together to create a living area I would love to call my own. What do you think? Could you imagine yourself lounging on that sofa, taking in that gorgeous view?

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