Hello there! Please come on in.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I am a student of Interior Design. I am also what you would call an amateur writer. I have never been published nor have I won any awards, but I read and write a lot. Sometimes I think I should have chosen to major in English, but then again, I love Interior Design. It works out really, because the bottom line is that I love to create, whether on paper or in a space. I also love to contemplate beauty, be surrounded by beauty, share beauty. Because of this, I decided to create this blog which would satisfy both urges. In the end, a beautiful space is much like a beautiful poem-it awes, it inspires, it makes you feel something. 

So, let us get to know each other and contemplate some beauty. I thought we might begin with an entryway which pleases my eyes. 

I like this entry for various reasons. The high ceilings and white walls make it feel spacious, light, and airy. I understand that when you walk into a house, you should feel as though you are walking into a house, into a shelter from the world and the elements. But I don’t think you should feel as though you are squeezing into a rabbit hole (unless of course you are chasing a white rabbit in which case you might end up somewhere more interesting than just a plain old house). I like that walking into this home might feel like walking on a cloud.

I also like the hardwood flooring. It has a natural feel to it and helps create that nice balance between the rustic and contemporary. The wood beams on the ceiling also add some warmth and keeps the ceiling from flying away. I admit that I am partial to spaces which mix rustic and contemporary elements. I am not a fan of “country” style, but I also don’t like spaces that look like labs. It’s all about balance as they say.

The modern door and window are the same minimalist style, trimmed in black which makes them pop against the white walls. The stair rails are also black, as are the legs on the console table. This accentuates these elements and creates a pleasing visual rhythm. And if you look closely, you can see that the door and window seem to frame the tree outside, like two related pieces of art. An added bonus!

The empty pot next to the front door is a nice, simple touch. Its organic shape and warm honey color reference nature and serve as counterpoints to all the straight lines in the space. And you can’t go wrong with a simple vase filled with plants or flowers. In this case, tall flowers were an excellent choice, as they fit the scale of the room.

I know you’re all probably screaming by now. “What about the climbers?!?!” Haha, yes I had to save the best for last. I love those guys! It’s so unexpected yet fits perfectly in this entryway. Sure, the designer or homeowner could have selected a nice piece of art. But they decided to let loose, have some fun, be bold. And I respect them for that. That’s not to say that these little guys don’t serve as art. They absolutely work as art! They are hung at different heights for visual interest. Their ropes mimic the straight lines found throughout the space. Again, you have a dark color set against the pure white walls. They “pop”, literally and figuratively. I love the unexpected and it only makes me want to explore the rest of the space to find other treasures!

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